October 2006

Dodgers vs Mets

It’s going to be a great series. Los Angeles vs New York. Remember 1988 ? Let’s hope the Dodgers can "upset" the Mets and go on to the N.L.C.S. I only say upset because I’ve read or heard many predictions for this series and it looks like everyone is picking on the Mets to win. But it’s ok, I have faith on the Dodgers to advance. We have alot of veterans on the team and alot of players with Playoff experience. Let’s go Dodgers !

Dodgers in the Playoffs !

I want to congratulate the Los Angeles Dodgers for making it to the Post-Season. I’m looking for a great series against the New York Mets. I will post more thoughts tomorrow.

Bobby Castillo

Me and Bobby Castillo

Benjie Molina

Me and Benjie Molina

Jay Johnston

Me and Jay Johnston


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