December 2006

David Eckstein

Me and David Eckstein

New Players

I like what the Dodgers have done this off-season. I think Jason Schmidt will bring alot of experience and will have an affect on the other pitchers like Derek Lowe and Brad Penny. I’m a little worried on the young guys not being able to play next year. Where is James Loney going to play ? Nomar has that spot at 1st Base. Juan Pierre and Luis Gonzalez are in the outfield. Andre Ethier needs to prove himself that he can handle Major League pitching because he was bad at the end of the year. Matt Kemp might not be ready and might start at Triple-A Las Vegas. It’s going to be a fun Spring Training I guess. Before I end this post, I’d like to wish Eric Gagne good luck in Texas and thank him for all the memories.

Rod Carew

Me and Rod Carew


Hello everyone! I’m sorry for not being able to post in a while. Just been a little busy. Congrats on the Cardinals for winning the World Series. I hope the Dodgers can win it next year. Dodgers have been in the news alot this Off-season. They have made many moves and I happen to like most of them. I’m just happy that the young players are still here. I will be posting often in the coming months before Opening Day!

James Loney

Me and James Loney

Andre Ethier

Me and Andre Ethier