February 2007

Luis Gonzalez Tribute

The Arizona Central Website has a tribute page for former Arizona Diamondback player Luis Gonzalez. The new Dodger apparently will be missed in Arizona. Luisgonzo

Weird Picture

Is this weird or what ? Eric Gagne wearing a Texas Rangers uniform.Gagne1

Bye Vero Beach

Dodgertown Sports Illustrated has some interesting articles about a couple of teams moving from Florida to Arizona for Spring Training. Tom Verducci wrote a fantastic article about the dodgers saying bye to Vero Beach and moving on to the Cactus League in 2009 Arizona seems to be taking away teams from Florida Also, check out these cool pictures of Dodgertown.

My real name is Andy Garcia

Laroche What’s my real name ? Andy Laroche ? Andy La Roche ? Andy Garcia ? Apparently it’s no longer LaRoche and now it’s La Roche. According to the the Los Angeles times, Andy wants to be known as Andy La Roche. It also says that he has Mexican heritage.

Maury Wills/Juan Pierre

Willspierre_1 Former Dodgers General Manager Fred Claire writes a great article about Maury Wills being the teacher and Juan Pierre being the student. Dodgers are lucky to have Maury around camp and teaching young kids about stealing and bunting.

Derek Lowe & Rafael Furcal

Derek Lowe was named the Opening Day Starter and Rafael Furcal was named the leadoff hitter by Dodgers manager Grady Little. I believe Lowe should be the Ace of this team. Jason Schmidt and Brad Penny should follow. With the leadoff hitter, I think different. I believe Juan Pierre would be a better leadoff hitter. He has the ability to steal 75 stolen bases. If only he can get on base more often, he would be a threat. Either way, it should be fun to see those 2 guys at the top of the lineup.

Nicaragua Baseball

I just read a great article by Amy K. Nelson from ESPN The Magazine. Amy travels to Nicaragua and writes about Baseball in Nicaragua. Amy also writes a great story about Boston Red Sox Pitcher Devern Hansack. I hope one day Nicaragua can play in the Carribean Series and produce many players like other Latin Countries.

Chone Figgins

Me and Chone Figgins

Chuck Finley

Me and Chuck Finley

Kendry Morales

Me and Kendry Morales