August 2007


Ramonemartinez Last week I met 4 Dodgers. 3 of them were current members of the team and the other one is a former Dodger and now a broadcaster. First I met Ramon Martinez on August 13 He was signing at a Super Market on Cesar Chavez St. in Los Angeles. He was scheduled to be there at 12 pm. Not alot of people showed up. I got there late, around 12:20 and noticed Hpim0140 that Ramon got there at the same time. Only a few people were there. Even so, it was cool meeting him. I got a signed picture of Ramon. Then on August 17 I met Rick Monday and Andre Ethier. I had met these guys before but it’s always nice to get some more stuff signed by them. They were signing for free at the the Society of St. Vincent De Paul. I got Hpim0142 there late, so I was about 100 fans behind in line. Which was bad because the line was moving really slow. Once I met them, I got some things signed. They were really nice and Andre was talking to the fans like always. Then on August 18 I met Jonathan Broxton for the first time. He was signing autographs for free at a Southern California Car Hpim0144_2 dealership. I got there early and it’s a good thing that I did. Alot of people showed up. Jonathan arrived on time and I got him to sign a ball for me. Right on the sweet spot. All 4 Dodgers were nice people and it was cool meeting them all.

Jonathan Broxton

Me and Jonathan Broxton

Andre Ethier

Me and Andre Ethier

Rick Monday

Me and Rick Monday

Ramon E. Martinez

Me and Ramon E. Martinez


I collect autographs. It’s something that I enjoy collecting since I was a kid. Before, I used to get the autograph and that’s it. Nothing else. I would go home and save it. That’s the end of it. Now, I do something different. I
have been doing it (or trying to do it) for a couple of years now. That’s to make sure that after I get the autograph, I take a picture with the person. Sometimes, it’s not an easy thing to do. Sometimes there are time
restrictions and you just have to settle for the autograph. I remember as a Joedimaggio_2 kid, I met Sandy Koufax, Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez, Mike Piazza, and so on and so on. I have their autographs. I’m happy that I have the autographs of those Hall of Famers. It was something cool to meet these guys in person. I think I even have a couple of pictures of them signing my items. But I don’t have a picture taken with them. I mean, how cool would it be if I had taken a picture with the Joltin’ Joe ? Now it’s too late, he passed away. It’s just something that I never really thought about. I did take a couple of pictures with some guys like Pedro Martinez, Tommy Lasorda, Frank Robinson, and others but that’s about it. Since I bought my first digital camera in 2004 I try my best to take a picture with the person I’m meeting. Some people think it’s really cool what I do. Bloggers/Readers send me e-mails and ask me alot of questions about the experience of meeting a certain person. Others send me e-mails and tell me why I waste my time in doing it. They say I’m already old to be taking pictures with them. Some ask me if I don’t feel weird asking for a picture. I mean, I see kids and women take pictures with them. Why not me ? I enjoy taking pictures of life in general. I take pictures of dumb things and I enjoy it. It’s not just about Baseball. I like taking pictures, period. I remember when I met Cesar Izturis 2 years ago, I got the autograph and my Wife took a picture of me with him. A couple of months later, he was signing at some event and I printed that picture 8 x 10 and I took it. When I was in line to get to meet Cesar, the guy behind me asked what I was going to get signed and I showed him the 8 x 10 picture of me and Cesar. Cesarizturis_2 He thought it was the coolest thing to get signed. Now after 2 years, I have known this guy and we always see each other at autograph events and guess what he does ? He always tries to take a picture with the player. A year ago he told me "Hey man, remember that Cesar Izturis picture? I thought that was so cool, now I try to pose a picture with them too" So I guess I’m not the only one. Also, there has been times, where I don’t even get the autograph, all I get is a picture. For example, last year I met Juan Marichal. I said "Hola Juan, como estas ?" and he said "Hola" Then I said "Me firmas mi pelota ?" He said "No puedo" For all you that don’t speak spanish, he said no to my autograph request. Then I reacted quickly and told him "Una foto?" He replied "Si claro" He said yes to the picture. Juanmarichal_4 Now I don’t know why he didn’t want to sign. I didn’t get mad. He was super polite. I know he does some signings for a promoter and maybe he has a contract where it does not let him sign in public. Who knows but at least I got a picture. Well I want to thank all those that have sent me e-mails. I always appreciate the comments. Thank you.


Howie Kendrick

Me and Howie Kendrick

Chad Billingsley

Me and Chad Billingsley

Let’s play two!

I was at Dodger Stadium once again last night. Would I be one of 56,000 fans to witness history ? No ! More on that later. I got there early and I was surprised to see many people already in the parking lot. I guess everyone
wanted the Russell Martin Bobblhead. You had to be the first 50,000 fans to recieve one. I got mine and I was happy to get one since I collect bobbleheads. Inside the stadium, I bumped into 2 people. Jonmiller Jon Miller and Ernie Banks. First was Miller. I saw him signing for a fan and after he did that, I asked him if I could take a picture with him. He was nice enough to do so and I told him I was a fan of his. Even though he is a San Francisco Giants
broadcaster, I always enjoyed his way of calling games. I mostly hear him on ESPN when he does the Sunday night game with Joe Morgan. Next up was Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks. I was nervous when I saw him walking. This guy is a legend, a Hall of Famer, and I just didn’t know how to approach him. While he was walking, he was signing for a couple of fans but you can tell he was in a hurry to go where he wanted to go. He didn’t stop at all while he was signing. He just kept walking. I told him "Mr. Banks, just a quick picture" I don’t think he heard me, so I told him again "Mr. Banks, quick pic" He just looked at me. I didn’t know what to do. I told my wife to just get in front of us and shoot the picture. I told him again "Just a quick picture" and he said "Just shoot it" I told my wife to take the picture and just when Ernie was about to enter a room, he turned and looked straight at the Erniebanks camera and smiled. I was surprised. He actually stopped for a couple of seconds so I can have a picture with him. I told him "Thanks Mr.Banks" and he just smiled and went away. I know he was busy and he seemed to be in a hurry so I didn’t expect him to stop. Thanks Mr. Cub! Well after all that excitement, the game was about to start. I was thinking throughout the game, will Barry hit one tonight ? It was another sold-out game and everytime Barry came to bat, you can hear the boo’s. It was a circus like atmosphere and even though Barry didn’t hit a Home Run, it was a great game. Too bad the Dodgers couldn’t pull out the win though. I’m glad the Giants are gone and now we have a important weekend series vs the Arizona Diamondbacks. Let’s go Dodgers!

Ernie Banks

Me and Ernie Banks