December 2007

Tony Gwynn Jr.

Tonygwynnjr_1I met Tony Gwynn Jr. yesterday. He was at a Sports Card Show signing along with his Dad, Tony Gwynn. Pete Rose and Rod Carew were also in attendance. I already have autographs on Gwynn, Rose, and Carew so I decided to just get Gwynn Jr. I got him to sign 2 photos. Not alot of people were there to get his autograph so once I met him, I think he was surprised I wanted an autograph. I asked him how his Uncle Chris, the former Dodger Player was doing. He said he was doing good. He was very nice, unlike his dad who I have met several times and can be a rude guy.

Tony Gwynn Jr.

Me and Tony Gwynn Jr.

Andruw Jones

RfurcalajonesCould Andruw Jones be following his friend Rafael Furcal to Los Angeles ? According to Ken Gurnick, the Dodgers have stepped up talks with the free-agent Jones. I don’t know what to think about this. I want Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp to be playing everyday. Juan Pierre is obviously going to be moving to Left field or is going to get traded. I don’t see how they can have four outfielders. Someone has to go.

I met God…

O.k. not exactly… But I did get to meet Vin Scully ! The greatest Dodger ever. 5 new pictures have been uploaded to the album titled "Baseball People I have met" The 5 people are Tony Gwynn, Vin Scully, Jaime Jarrin, Jerry Reinsdorf, and Ken Williams. Vinscully_1

Kenny Williams

Me and Kenny Williams

Jerry Reinsdorf

Me and Jerry Reinsdorf

Jaime Jarrin

Me and Jaime Jarrin

Vin Scully

Me and Vin Scully

Tony Gwynn

Me and Tony Gwynn