January 2008

Dodgers -Notes-

Russell Martin was featured in the Montreal Canadiens Magazine. Ex-Dodger Luis Gonzalez signs with the Florida Marlins. Tickets for the exhibition game  vs the Boston Red Sox on March 29 will go on sale this Saturday at 10am pt and the Legend of Joe Beimel continues…

Life without Brett Tomko

Life without having Brett Tomko in the Dodgers rotation will be missed!

25 Man Roster

Here is the 25 man Roster for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Well according to Troy from West Virgina.

1988 World Series Champions

Mikemarshall Today I got to meet 5 members of the 1988 World Series Championship team. First up was Mike Marshall. It’s Mike Marshall the hitter. Not to get confused by Mike Marshall the pitcher. Mike had a productive 11 year career. Playing mostly with the Dodgers, he was selected to the All-Star game in 1984 and won a World Series ring in 1988 Next up was Franklin Stubbs. He had a 10 year Major League Career. He played his first 6 seasons with the Dodgers. Was one of the key players in helping the Dodgers win the Championship. Next up was FranklinstubbsDave Anderson. He had a 10 year Career. Playing 8 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He won a World Series ring in 1988 Before Kirk Gibson hit his famous Home Run, Mike Davis was At-bat.Daveanderson_2  Dennis Eckersley walked him and the rest is history. Gibson hits the magical homer. Everyone forgets about Davis. He had a 10 year career. Playing his first 8 with the Oakland A’s and the last 2 with the Dodgers. MikedavisFinally the last guy I got to meet was Rick Dempsey. He had a great career playing with several teams. He will always be remembered as a Baltimore Oriole but the Dodgers will never forget him. He won the World Series MVP with the Orioles in 1983 and won a World Series ring with the Dodgers in 1988 He played in 24 seasons. Rickdempsey It was great meeting all these guys.

Rick Dempsey

Me and Rick Dempsey

Mike Davis

Me and Mike Davis

Dave Anderson

Me and Dave Anderson

Franklin Stubbs

Franklin Stubbs

Mike Marshall

Me and Mike Marshall (The Hitter)

The Legend of Joe Beimel

Meet Troy from West Virginia. This dude is a huge Joe Beimel fan. I mean huge! Why ? I don’t know. But it’s ok. Check out his video.

He has a couple more videos posted on YouTube. Well guess who saw his video ? Yeah that’s right, Joe Beimel himself saw the video. Check out the following video.