January 2008


AlferraraI met 2 former Dodgers today. Both guys were signing at a Card Show in Inglewood, California. The first guy I met was Al Ferrara. He had a 8 year career from 1963 to 1971. Besides playing mostly with the Dodgers, he played with the San Diego Padres for 2 years and had a brief stint with the Cincinnati Reds. He had 1 hit in the 1967 World Series. Alferrara His best season was in 1967 when he batted .277 with 16 Home Runs and 50 RBI’s. His nickname was "The Bull" because he was very muscular. He once played piano at the Carnegie Hall. Imagine that! Plus he did a little acting in Hollywood. Playing as a Native in the show "Gilligans Island" and playing in several episodes of the TV Show "Batman". Joeferguson_1 The second player I met was Joe Ferguson. The former catcher had a 14 year with several teams. He played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Astros, and California Angels. He played in 2 Joeferguson World Series with the Dodgers. Both times they lost. He did get to win a ring as a coach for the 1988 Dodgers.

Joe Ferguson

Me and Joe Ferguson

Al Ferrara

Me and Al Ferrara

Who is Tulowitzki ?


Who is Tulowitzki ? This is the answer. Last year I got to meet Troy Tulowitzki and Evan Longoria. Both of them were signing at a Sports Card Show. After getting their autographs, my Wife asked me "We drove up here to get Minor league autographs?" You see, what my sweetie didn’t understand is that you never know if they will become Super Stars. I decided to get them since I heard about them in Baseball America and I knew they were top prospects in their respective teams. Plus they didn’t charge that much for their autographs. I don’t think Tulowitzki will be making any appearances at a Card Show in Southern California and charge cheap for his autograph anytime soon. So it was good reading that article and knowing that Troy has become a great player and the Rockies showed him the respect with that contract. Now it’s Evan’s turn. He didn’t play at the Big Leagues last year, but hopefully he plays for the Rays this year and maybe he can duplicate Tulowitzki’s numbers. We shall see.

San Diego Padres

Chaseheadley_3Top picture -Chase Headley-

The San Diego Padres visited the city of Temecula this past Monday. I decided to go and see if I would get lucky and meet Greg Maddux or Trevor Hoffman. I was wrong. Me and my wife got there at 5:45 pm. The event was to start at 7 pm. There was only 5 people in line waiting to go inside the Theatre. I decided to get something to eat. We left and ate and came back at 6:30 By that time, there was already more than 30 people in line. Once inside, we sat down as if we were going to watch a movie. It was really cool. We were presented with a video with highlights of the Padres. Then 10 Padres players came out. Most of them were up and coming players. There were also a couple of minor-leaguers. After a Q & A, we got in line to get autographs. The most notable players were Randy Wolf, Justin Germano and Top Prospects Matt Antonelli and Chase Headley. I got pictures with those 4 guys. Even though I will never be a Padres fan, I was impressed by Headley and Antonelli, they were cool people. I wish them luck next year and I hope they have great careers. Bottom Picture -Matt Antonelli-


Matt Antonelli

Me and Matt Antonelli

Justin Germano

Me and Justin Germano

Chase Headley

Me and Chase Headley

Randy Wolf

Me and Randy Wolf

LA/Bos -Coliseum- Tix on sale


Tickets for the March 29th Spring Training game of the Los Angeles Dodgers vs the Boston Red Sox at the Los Angeles Coliseum go on sale Saturday February 2 No time or prices have been announced.