February 2008

Dodgers -Notes- February 13, 2008

Takashi Saito agreed to a 1 year contract with the Dodgers worth $ 2 million. Don Mattingly talks about his personal problems on video. Former Dodger Olmedo Saenz signs a minor league deal with the New York Mets and the Dodgers make it official in signing Mark Sweeney. Yahoo! Sports National Baseball writer Jeff Passan talks on video about Joe Torre and expectations and the last year at the historic spring training site. Tony Jackson of the L.A. Daily News has a Spring Training article.

Dodgers -Notes- February 10, 2008

As you know, this year will be the last that the Dodgers play at Vero Beach, Florida. It’s going to be a big deal for the reporters. You will read alot of articles about the Dodgers leaving. Ross Newhan of the L.A. Times wrote 2 articles about Dodgertown. One is about the memories of the site and the other one is about racism in the city of Vero Beach. Both are great articles. Bill Plashke of the L.A. Times also wrote a piece. He doesn’t care if the Dodgers no longer players at Vero Beach. The San Bernardino County Sun has this article. I have never been to Vero Beach and I’m not going this year, which means I will never see Dodgertown. I’m a little sad about that but I think it’s the best for the Dodgers to go to Arizona. Mark Sweeney is close to signing with the Dodgers. It’s a non-guaranteed deal.

Dodgers -Notes- February 9, 2008

Don Mattingly spoke to a couple of newspapers today. How about that picture of the wife on the NY Daily News ? Wow. Not so pretty. Anyways, Don says that the Dodgers have been great with this whole situation. Maybe we see Don back full time next year. The state of Florida might see a couple of teams leave the Grapefruit League in the next couple of years. Talking about Florida, the "Boys of Summer" will bid farewell to Dodgertown. Sarah from "Dodgerplace.com" wrote a article about the Dodgers outfielders. Looks like the Dodgers got a steal in Andrew Lambo from last year’s draft. Scouts are comparing him to James Loney. Fanball.com has a Spring preview on the Dodgers. What’s with all the articles on former Dodger pitcher Pedro Martinez ? The cockfight video has been removed from Youtube but if you are not sensitive you can see it here if you want. What he did was legal in the Dominican Republic. You may not like what he did but you have to understand that he did not do this in the U.S.A. Pedro goes on to say "I understand that people are upset, but this is part of our Dominican culture and is legal in the Dominican Republic. I was invited by my idol, Juan Marichal, to attend the event as a spectator, not as a participant." This is not another Michael Vick case.

Dodgers -Notes- February 7, 2008

Matt Kemp wants to play with the Dodgers forever. Frank McCourt says there is a possible chance that the Dodgers will release more tickets for the Coliseum game against the Boston Red Sox. Andre Ethier heads to spring training looking to earn playing time. Jeff Kent doesn’t want to talk about his future. Looks like the Dodgers had fun at the Caravan. The Dodgers wanted to discuss a deal with Russell Martin but his agent declined. Remember a guy by the name Jason Schmidt ? Well he is on target to be ready. I leave you with a video that Troy from West Virginia posted !

Eric Karros

Me and Eric Karros

Hiroki Kuroda

Me and Hiroki Kuroda

Dodgers Caravan – Day 2

Hirokikuroda Hello People! Just a quick recap of Day 2 of the Dodgers Caravan. Last night after I updated my blog, I went over to the "Inside the Dodgers" blog and noticed that Josh (the guy that runs that blog and is the PR man for the Dodgers) posted a invitation for fans to go to Dodger Stadium at 9:30 am and basically say bye to the equipment truck and see the players. I decided to go. I knew from the start that no autographs were allowed but that there was a chance to see the players up close. I got there around 9:15 am and guess what ? No fans were there. It was just me and my Wife. I noticed all the players and employees were just hanging around the truck and talking. The fans were held back by a barricade. There were a couple of security guards there and one of them told us that it looks like not alot of people are going to come. A little while later, 2 fans came by. So it was 4 of us standing there doing nothing. I was regretting going. But then came Josh to save us all. He came by and said that the Dodgers didn’t really do alot of publicity on it and he would let us go and walk towards the players and truck. He then said his name was Josh and I shook his hand and told him I read his blog everyday. He then said hi to my wife Eileen. I felt a little shy with Josh. I didn’t know what to say. After getting close to the truck we just stood around and saw the players talking. It was a cool experience. We saw Nomar Garciaparra, Brad Penny, Hiroki Kuroda, James Loney, Andre Ethier, Eric Karros, Ken Landreaux, and Bobby Castillo. I got close to Hiroki and noticed he had a translator walking with him and I asked him if I could take a picture with him and he asked him in japanse and he agreed. I guess the dude doesn’t know a word of english. I told him thanks for the picture and he nodded his head. It was funny to see him interact with the other players. Nomar came up to him and introduced himself and you can tell Nomar wanted to talk to him but Hiroki would just smile and Nomar would just laugh. Ethier also introduced himself to him. Then all the players got inside the bus where they were leaving to a hospital to visit some children. From there we drove to City Walk to get in line for the event that was to start at 4pm. Like yesterday, it was divided into 2 groups. The first group was Garciaparra, Ethier, Karros, Kuroda and Castillo. The second group was Tommy Lasorda, Loney, Penny, Landreaux, and Spanish Broadcaster Pepe Yniquez. I got in line with the first group and my Wife got in the second group. About an hour before the event started, a employee told the crowd that Garciaparra was not going to attend. I was upset since I brought a bobblehead for him to sign. Erickarros I got autographs mostly on pictures with the exception of Eric Karros. I got him on a ball. I was also able to take a picture with him thanks to my brother. Even though the employee was telling us no picture, we were able to pull it off. It was a great day. I got my items autographed and I was able to get pictures with Kuroda and Karros. I would like to give a shout out to Danny. I met him today and he told me he checks out my blog. Thanks man! It was nice seeing you. I leave you with a slide show of photos that me and Eileen took.


Takashi Saito

Me and Takashi Saito

Dodgers Caravan – Day 1

TakashisaitoHello everyone. I just got back from the Dodgers Caravan that was held at Yankee Doodles in Santa Monica. I got there around 2:30 pm. My brother was already there since the morning. He got a ticket for me that would get you the autographs to meet the Players. 10 People were scheduled to attend. The bad thing was that they split it up into 2 groups. Meaning it would be 5 guys per group. I got in the line where Takashi Saito was going to sign. I really wanted to get his autograph. I got him before at Dodger Stadium but this time I wanted him to sign his name in Japanese. The Dodgers got there around 5:30 pm. We were already in line. I wasn’t far behind since I got ticket # 22 The first guy signing was Jeff Kent. I brought a Bobblehead for him to sign. It looks nice! He signed it on the helmet. After him, I got Fernando Valenzuela to sign a picture that I had with him. Then came Saito. I gave him a ball and told him "Can you sign it in Japanese" He said "Both" I didn’t know what he meant but I didn’t say anything. He got the ball and started signing his name in english and then in Japanese! In the sweet spot! I guess when he said "Both" he meant he was going to sign it in both languages. The signature looks cool. When he gave me the ball, I gave a camera to my sister in law and asked her to shoot a pix. I told Saito "A picture?" and he was ready for the picture. It was awesome. I got a autograph and a picture. After him, was Steve Garvey and Rudy Law. I didn’t have anything for them. They weren’t scheduled to appear so I didn’t bring anything. I just got Garvey to sign a Calendar that they gave away. I didn’t get anything on Law. I just said "Hello" to him. That’s it. I should be there tomorrow for Day 2 of the Caravan that’s going to be held at Universal City. Oh by the way, I met a guy that recognized me from this blog It was funny. He says hello and I was like "Who is this dude?" He told me that he checks my blog often. His name is Nicolas. What’s up Nick!?

Konichiwa! C-ya!

Dodgers -Notes- February 4, 2008

Rudy Seanez signs a 1 year deal with the Dodgers. Rick Monday has been inducted to the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Vero Beach wants to know by February 19 if the Dodgers will leave after this Spring Training. The Dodgers will be holding a Caravan in the next 2 days.