March 2008

Say what ?

What did MLB do to the Blogs ? On Friday night I tried to log in and I couldn’t. On Saturday there was a message saying the blogs would be unavailable for a period of time. I come back again on Sunday and noticed a big change! I have to get used it. I need to learn the basic stuff and see where everything is. The last entry, a picture of myself with Jose Vizcaino was not posted by me. I guess now, whenever I upload a picture, it will be posted as a message. I don’t really like that. Where did my Photo album go ? Now there are things called tags ? I guess I have to get used to it. In the coming days, I will post entries on games that I attended on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and of course Today. It was a crazy 4 game adventure. I will post pictures of some players I met. Stay tuned while I learn how to upload and what not. Peace!


Jose Vizcaino

Jose Vizcaino and I

Preston Gomez -Injured-

Some sad news is developing this morning. Preston Gomez, 84-year-old special assistant to the Angels general manager, is in critical condition at a Palm Springs hospital this morning after being hit by a pick-up truck at a gas station in Blythe, California. I met Gomez last year at Angels Stadium. He was walking and I approached him and asked if he can sign a ball for me. Since he was born in Cuba, I told him that my Dad is also Cuban. He started talking to me about Baseball in Cuba and how things were before. He was very friendly and willing to talk Baseball with you. Not alot of people would do that. Just a great guy. I wish him the best and a speedy recovery. God bless him. This is the picture of me and Preston Gomez. Prestongomez_3

Rudy Seanez -Released-

RudyRudy Seanez has been released. Tony Jackson of the Daily News tries to figure it out what’s going to develop. I know now he will retire and get into his other dream job, which is Ultimate Fighting!  I never met Seanez before but I wish him the best. If the Fighting doesn’t work out, maybe he can just kick it at his own business store, which is a Cold Stone Creamery. It’s located in El Centro, California. Maybe I’m on my way to Mexicali, I will stop and grab some scoops and get his autograph. Good luck Rudy.

Kemp/Ethier Videos

I got an e-mail from a dude by the name of Ron Stilanovich:

Mr Baseball is Life,

Please take a gander at my new series of baseball instruction videos on the Youtube over there.

"Hardball Made Easy"

I even gots a couple of your Dodgers (Kemp, Ethier) to come out and help me git them kids all squared away, etc, etc…

Stay Scrappy,
Ron Stilanovich

PS – I tried to get Fred McGriff but, much like a woman in a sports bar, he ignored me.

Funny guy… Thanks! Anyways check out the videos. First up is Matt Kemp:

Next up is Andre Ethier:

"That’s why they call me the Bison"

Matt Kemp is the Bison!Bisonrun_small

Opening Day tickets available

Hey fans, if you don’t have Opening Day tickets, go to and buy them now! They have released many tickets. I noticed they had baseline, field, loge and reserve tickets available. Get them now ! Good luck.

Canter’s now in Dodger Stadium


Opening Day is 1 week away. I can’t wait. Should be fun. But before opening day, the Dodgers play a 3 game series vs the Boston Red Sox. Which of course, on Saturday they play at the L.A. Coliseum. According to Josh Rawitch, the team’s vice president of public relations and broadcasting, the team has sold 113,000 tickets. Incredible.

Canter’s and other places to eat: Canters1small

I just read news that Canter’s deli will have a spot in Dodger Stadium. They will be at the Field level by the Third Base side. How cool is that ? Canter’s is a Kosher Deli Restaurant. As a kid, I remember my Dad taking me there often. He would mainly go to buy the Kosher Salami. Usually if we went, I would go across the street where there is a Newstand and I would buy Baseball magazines. That newstand always had great Baseball magagazines. I also remember in the parking lot there is a mural and you can see a Sandy Koufax picture. Besides Canter’s Deli, there will be a couple more new additions. Mrs. Beasley’s, Camacho’s Cantina and Ruby’s Diner will also join in. All this was possible because they fixed up the whole Field Level section and should provide a better fan experience. Hopefully the lines won’t be long. In future years, you will see the same thing happen to the remaining Levels. By then maybe they will add other places like a In-N-Out ? Innout1 That would be awesome but I don’t think it would happen. Only because the lines would be so long and everyone likes there burger in a certain way that it would be impossible to please everyone. Or a Starbucks ? What would you like to see added at Dodger Stadium ?


Coliseum/Opening Day

Hi fans! I’ve been really busy and not had time to post any news. April should be a good month in getting autographs and meeting players. I didn’t get a chance to go back to Arizona and I feel a little sad not going now since the Dodgers are over there. It’s ok, maybe next time. Anyone going to the Coliseum game ? Dumb question to ask since more than 100,000 tickets were sold. I’m sure most of you are going. I got standing room only tickets. I should be there and I’m excited. I can’t wait. Should be fun. I will also be going to Opening Day. I got reserved tickets. Not good since me and the sun don’t get along. Oh well. Let the games begin!

Baseball News –

Hey everyone! I had trouble logging in to my blog. Apparently MLB had a glitch. Everything is ok now so I’m back to start blogging. I haven’t gone to Arizona or met any players since my last blog. I don’t think I will go back soon because of other issues I need to deal with. So I might I have to wait until next year when the Dodgers open camp there (and that’s not even a guarantee, Dodgers can still play at Vero next year) Anyways, my brother Jack is at Vero Beach. He’s going to catch a couple of games over there. He sent me a text yesterday and said "Vero is over-rated" I don’t know what to make of that. Never been there so I can’t say. Well good luck to him. I know he’s having fun and scoring some autographs. Well not Tommy Lasorda’s autograph. My brother saw him yesterday and approached him with a bat and Lasorda said "I don’t sign bats, it’s against my religion" Ahh you **** old man ! lol


Kershaw as a 5th Starter ?:

It could happen folks. Joe Torre seems to like this kid. Clayton Kershaw will get a chance to pitch with the big leaguers sometime next week. Russell Martin seems to think he has a chance to make the club. "I wouldn’t be surprised," said Russell Martin, who caught Kershaw’s inning against Washington on Tuesday night. "For the first time in a big league game — wow. He’s got just a heavy, heavy fastball and an easy delivery. He’s very deceptive. His curveball, it just drops off the table. I think it’s the best curveball I’ve ever caught, to be honest" Wow Russell. The best curveball you’ve ever caught ? That would be awesome if we see this kid at the Majors. If not, send him to Vegas and bring him up at the All-Star break.

Garvey signing:

Steve Garvey wrote a book titled "My Bat Boy Days: Lessons I Learned from the Boys of Summer" He’s doing a mini book tour and he will be signing his book next month. There are 2 dates where you can meet him. Book Info- – – April 4, 2008 at Borders: 3700 Torrance Blvd Torrance, Ca 90503 and also —April 5, 2008 at Barnes and Noble: 72-840 Highway 111, Palm Desert, Ca 92260


Chris Arnold of sent me an e-mail and he wanted me to share a website they created about Dodger Town. It’s a great website. Click here. Thanks Chris for the e-mail.

More Vero News:

They keep coming. All spring you will see these kind of articles.


Dodgers Radio Press Release:

Hello everyone,

First baseman and pinch hitting specialist Mark Sweeney will be our guest tonight on Dodger Talk. Sweeney is one of the players going to China. In fact, he volunteered to be on the squad heading to Beijing next week.

Mark will talk about why he wants to go, why pinch hitting is the hardest job in baseball, and much more.

During spring training, "Dodger Talk" is on from 6:30-7 p.m. PT on the new home of the Dodgers, Talk Radio 790 KABC.

Once the regular season begins, "Dodger Talk" will air at its usual time, immediately following all 162 games.

This Sunday, we’ll have an extended three-hour edition of "Dodger Talk" from 7-10 p.m.

Troy is back:

Troy from West Virginia is back from Vero Beach!