April 2008

April 14, 2008 Dodgers vs Pirates

I took my little brother in-law Erik to the game last Monday. We had a great time. I got there early. Nobody was signing autographs. It was weird. I didn’t see anyone sign. I saw them do batting practice and then the Pirates came out. Not alot of fans went to see this game. It was announced that 37,334 fans came out. I think there was only about 20,000 We sat by the Dodgers bullpen and checked out the pitchers relax. Hiroki Kuroda made his L.A. Debut and his entrance song was “My hero” by the Foo Fighters. Great song. Most likely that song was picked because of his name “Hiroki” and I heard his teammates have been calling him “Hero” instead of “Hiroki” Guess what pitcher kept himself busy the whole game by flirting with a woman ? That would be Esteban Loaiza. The dude kept talking (whispering) with this lady. I told Erik to ask Loaiza for a ball (since he gave one to the lady) He was shy at first but after bugging him for half an hour to ask him, he finally asked him in spanish “Esteban, me puedes dar una pelota?” (Which means “Can you give me a ball”?) He told him”Ahorita de la doy” (Which means “I will give you one”) That was in the 3rd Inning. After several innings, Esteban had yet to give him the ball. I thought he forgot and finally in the 7th inning, Erik got up and yelled “Esteban!” and Esteban looked at him and threw him a ball. We told him thanks and Erik was happy.  

Here is a video of the song “Hero” by the Foo Fighters.


I met Mr. 40/40


I met Jose Canseco today. He was at a Book store in Hollwood, California promoting his new book titled “Vindicated” I showed up at 5:30pm. He was scheduled to be there at 7pm. I bought the book and got in line which was outside. Only a couple of people were in front of me. Around 6:50pm we were told to go inside and be prepared to meet Jose. An employee was there and asked everyone if we wanted the book personalized to please write the name on a paper. I got mine personalized. After that I got my camera ready. Then Jose came inside and a couple of media people were there shooting pictures and interviewing him. After a couple of minutes of that, the fans were allowed to meet Jose. When it was my turn I said hello to Jose and I don’t think he heard me since he was quickly signing books and barely looked at the fans. I gave my camera to a fan behind me and told him to shoot it if Jose says it’s ok. After he gave me the book, I told him “I’m a big fan Jose, quick picture” Which he replied “Quickly please” The fan shot the picture and I told him “Thanks man” I didn’t lie to Jose, I was a big fan. Even though I grew up a Dodgers fan, I always respected players from other teams. I still do. With Jose, I enjoyed watching him play. I remember reading about his 40/40 season (40 Homers and 40 Stolen Bases) and thinking no one would ever do that again. Well 3 more players have (Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Alfonso Soriano) The book is about Steroids. He talks about his days as a Ballplayer and how steroids has affected the game. Inside the book are before and after pictures of Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Juan Gonzalez, Miguel Tejada and others. It’s sad what happened to the game the last 20 years. Hopefully the game can be restored and we can go on with real players playing this great game.

Beimel mentions Troy in this video…

Thanks to Nick for the tip…the following video is from yesterdays game. Joe Beimel got to say the starting lineup for Fox. It’s funny. He mentiones Troy from West Virginia. He doesn’t know if Brad Penny wants to be a Hollywood Star or a Redneck…check it out!



Vote for Joe Beimel !


Mike Scioscia will always be a Dodger


Today I got a chance to meet Mike Scioscia. The great Dodger catcher. He was signing at a Appliance & TV Store down in Riverside, Ca. I had previously met Scioscia before but I wanted to get some other stuff signed. I showed up at 8am. There was about only 8 people in front of me. I took a 1981 World Series Program and ball. But my brother came later and got me a Dodger mini-helmet. I showed up wearing a Dodger jacket and a Dodger hat. I thought I would only see a few Dodger fans but I was surprised to see alot of them. They still like Scioscia and even though he is a Anaheim Angels manager, we will always respect him. Mike showed up around 10:30 am and quickly started signing. A couple fans who were in front of me were also Dodger fans and all the items that they gave to Mike were Dodger stuff. My wife gave him the ’81 World Series program and when it was my turn, I gave him the Blue Dodgers mini-helmet and he said jokingly “Where is all the Angel Stuff!?” I quickly told him “Angels?” and he signed the helmet without a problem. When he gave it back to me I told him “You will always be a Dodger Mike” and he smiled and said “I don’t know about that” The signature came out nice on the helmet. Mike was very nice and I noticed he signed multiple stuff for fans. I should of brought more items. But you can’t be that greedy. Thanks Mike! 

Blog Update -April 5-


I know some things are still not quite working yet on the blogs. Make sure to check out the blog updates here. It’s frustrating seeing some stuff not working. I was able to post a video in yesterday’s entry. So that seems to work. If you don’t see a entry and only see a “Continue reading…” Please click on that comment! Someone e-mailed me saying that when you click a picture, a blank page comes up. MLB Blogs knows that. They are fixing it. I think that’s about it. I will be posting a couple of enries later tonight. One will be about Mike Scioscia, who I got to meet earlier this morning. Make sure to check it out. Thanks for reading.

Opening Day



Sunday March 30, 2008 Dodgers vs Red Sox



Blog Update

There is still no Photo Album. But I got word that’s in process. I wasn’t able to add a slide show here. I’m trying to add a slide show of the Coliseum game. So look for that in the coming days. I’m still having trouble in adding a YouTube video. I hope MLB can fix these things soon. I also noticed that on some computers, the Andruw Jones picture below was huge. So huge that you could only see my shoulder and nothing else. I have fixed that problem. I might add some stuff into the older posts, so keep checking my other entries. My next post will be about the Sunday game vs the Red Sox. Then I will post about Opening day. Thank you!

March 29, 2008 Los Angeles Coliseum Game


 After the Andruw Jones event, we quickly drove to the Los Angeles Coliseum. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find parking and that 100,000 fans would already be there for the Fan Fest. We arrived around 12:40 and were surprised by the fact that we found parking next to the Coliseum. Once there, I was able to get in line with my brother and get some autographs of some old Dodgers that played at the Coliseum. I met people like Carl Erskine, Ron Fairly, Norm Sherry, Wally Moon and others. I took a picture with those 4 guys. When Wally signed my ball I asked him if he could put “Moon shots” He said “Oh ok, sure!” That was cool! After the autograph sessions we walked around and got some food. The Fan fest was packed. I had never been to the Coliseum before so everything was new to me. They didn’t open the gates until 4pm. Once inside, we watched how big the stadium was. It was cool. Before the game was about to start, Vin Scully came out. That was the best part of the day. Scully spoke for a few minutes. Then on to the Ballgame. Even though the Dodgers lost, it was awesome watching them play and being part of the 115,300 fans that were there. I think the Dodgers should play at the Coliseum once a year during Spring Training! What do you think ?