June 2008

MLB & Dodgers Notes – June 23, 2008

First of all, as you know, the Chicago White Sox will be playing a 3 game series at Dodger Stadium. They were just swept by the Chicago Cubs over the weekend. Those were exciting games. More exciting is to know that the managers of those respective teams can rap. Yeah, Ozzie and Lou rap. Who acts more “gangsta” ?

The news out of the Los Angeles Times is that Dodgers general manager Ned Colleti
KimNg.jpgwould allow the Seattle Mariners to talk to Dodgers VP/Assistant GM Kim Ng. Seattle is looking for a GM since recently they fired their GM Bill Bavasi. If Kim ever does get a job with any club as a gm, she would be the first female gm in baseball. I’m sure, she would do a better job than Colleti…. 


Writing about L.A. Times, there is another article written by Chris Dufresne. It’s terrible. It made me sick. He can complain about the Dodgers all he wants.
rallymonkey.jpgBut to compare this franchise to the Angels ? Wow. He wrote stuff like “
Steve Garvey’s forearms leading the charge, always seemed a little too good to be true. The field was too perfect, the grass too green, the home uniforms too white, the portly manager a little bit too over the top” Well I’m sorry we don’t have a dumb rally-monkey!


So has anyone ever had a Tommy Lasorda Wine ? If you want to blowLasordaWine.jpg 500 bucks down the drain, you can purchase a limited edition Lasorda Wine. Buy it here. Apparently, it has won several awards for it’s great taste. He quotes on his blog “Over the weekend I went to the Pamona Fairplex to receive a most prestigious award.  Actually, my Pinot Grigio received the award, as it received a gold medal and was named Best Wine, Best in Class at the 2008 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition’s inaugural Wine World of Sports, which pitted sports celebrities’ vintages against each other. My Chianti and Montepulciano, d’Abruzzo were also in the top ten, which makes me so happy because I would never get involved with a wine that wouldn’t please the people who drink it.  “It’s especially satisfying because all the wine comes from Italy, which means it’s the best in the world. Nobody makes better wine than the Italians!” Hey Tommy, it’s not Pamona, it’s Pomona !  Also, don’t get drunk in public or else this might happen to you….Later! Peace!

 Thumbnail image for LasordaGoesDown.jpg

Vote For Russell Martin !

      2008 All-Star Game Yankee Stadium


1.  Soto, G.  Cubs  1,248,216
2.  McCann, B.  Braves    742,689
3.  Molina, Y.  Cardinals    615,699
4.  Kendall, J.  Brewers    553,452
5.  Martin, R.  Dodgers    439,172

Results updated: Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What’s up with this ? Dodger fans have not helped Russell Martin in the votes. We need to start voting (and vote alot) Do it by clicking here! Check out the stats of the Catchers in the N.L. here.

Update: Troy from West Virginia

Troy was released from Jail and he released a video telling us what happened. This is the 1st part of a 4 part video on Youtube. To check out the other 3 videos, go to his page here. (NSFW)

Nomar = No More !

I always enjoy reading Tony Jackson’s columns on the Daily News. I also enjoy his blog. I check it on a daily basis. The guy is smart and funny. Doesn’t take it too serious and always has a story to tell us. But when I read this, I laughed so hard. Check out what Tony wrote on his blog….

When he woke up this morning, something “didn’t feel right,” according to Joe Torre. Well, of course it didn’t. Nomar went 1 for 2 with a home run in his debut for Triple-A Las Vegas last night against Tacoma. Stan Conte talked to him today and said Nomar felt confident he would be ready to play by Friday, which I guess Thumbnail image for NomarSportsIllustrated.jpgmeans he’s out for tomorrow, too.

Oh man, Tony has it against Nomar Garciaparra. “Well, of course it didn’t” and
“which I guess he’s out for tomorrow, too” lol That was funny. But I do agree with Tony. My opinion on Nomar is that he is done. This being the last year of his contract with the Dodgers, you might have to say goodbye forever. We all know the Dodgers will not bring him back next year. The latest news is that he is in Boston to get checked out by a Doctor he knows when he played with the Red Sox. No word on how it might affect Carne Asada Sunday.
I guess he doesn’t trust Stan Conte and the Dodgers medical staff. So all I have to say is…No more !

If you want to experience a Nomar Carne Asada event (I have never gone but 2 fans have told me the food is bad but the Mariachi is good) check out the following video (Bad quality, I know, but that’s all I found)

By the way I’m not a Nomar hater. I think he is a good dude and NomarGarciaparra.jpghe was a great player (In Boston) I know he has done alot in the community. I have nothing against him but his time is over. Well at least with the Dodgers, it is. The future is the young
guys like Blake DeWitt and Andy LaRoche. On the right…pix of Nomar and I from a couple of years ago.  



Troy from West Virginia Arrested

As you know, I’m a fan of Troy from West Virginia. Troy is weird, I know that. But he makes me laugh. The dude is crazy, but in a good way. Well I guess he went too crazy at the Dodgers game in Cincinnati. Apparently after Joe Beimel pitched the 7th Inning of Tuesday’s game, Troy got into a fight and didn’t stop. More info from the Press-Enterprise…

Taped to Joe Beimel’s locker after the game was a copy of the police report detailing the actions of the reliever’s biggest fan, who got himself into trouble at Great American Ball Park.

Troy Sexton, a West Virginia man who has gained cult prominence for his numerous Beimel tribute videos on YouTube, was arrested before the start of the eighth inning and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest — actions that resulted in the game being delayed.

Sexton engaged in a physical altercation and refused to stop fighting when asked, according to the report. His arrest came after Beimel recorded two groundouts to help the Dodgers escaped a seventh-inning jam.

Beimel has met Sexton and even appeared in a YouTube video responding to the man, but asked if he might have the money to post bond, the left-hander smiled and said, “I have it. He’s not getting it.”


What’s more funnier ? That Troy got arrested or that Beimel refused to bail him out of jail ? lol Well I can’t wait from a response from Troy on YouTube and hear his side of th story. His last video was this one….Click on the Video if you want to read the comments. Some of them are funny…I’m out! Peace…


Jeff Mathis

Heyyyy…Yesterday I met Jeff Mathis, the other Anaheim Angels catcher. 2 weeks ago I got Mike Napoli. He was also signing at a At&t store but in a different location. I got him to sign the same Mini Helmet. Mathis was really cool. Willing to sign anything and take pictures with the fans. I told him I liked his hat since it says “BooYaa” I say that often since that one dude in ESPN says it all the time. Boo yaa!! He laughed.
Boo yaa!!


Kemp, Martin & Young Clubbing

Seems like some of the Dodgers like to go clubbing…The picture of Young is funny!

Matt Kemp



Russell Martin


Delwyn Young


What’s wrong with this ?

Player Salary (US$)
1. Rafael Furcal 15,730,195
2. Jason Schmidt 15,217,401
3. Andruw Jones 14,726,910
4. Derek Lowe 10,000,000
5. Nomar Garciaparra 9,516,697
6. Brad Penny 9,250,000
7. Jeff Kent 9,000,000
8. Juan Pierre 8,000,000
9. Hiroki Kuroda 7,433,333
10. Takashi Saito 2,000,000
11. Joe Beimel 1,925,000
12. Scott Proctor 1,115,000
13. Gary Bennett 825,000
14. Mark Sweeney 600,000
15. Russell Martin 500,000
16. Jonathan Broxton 454,000
17. Andre Ethier 424,500
18. Chad Billingsley 415,000
19. James Loney 411,000
20. Matt Kemp 406,000
21. Tony Abreu 393,000
22. Hong-Chih Kuo 392,000
23. Delwyn Young 391,000
24 a. Chin-lung Hu 390,000
24 b. Blake DeWitt 390,000
Total Team Salary:


Good luck Lakers!

I wish Ronny Turiaf and the Los Angeles Lakers good luck!



Andre Ethier talking about Food

Tomorrow Andre Ethier will be visiting the Los Angeles Rescue Mission to help feed the poor and homeless. From the Dodgers Press Release:

“I really enjoy living in downtown and I think it’s important to do something positive in my neighborhood,” said Ethier. “The Union Rescue Mission was the perfect place to make the biggest impact and I really look forward to forming a relationship with them and the people who benefit from the great work that they do.”

Andre will also be joining the MLBlogs Community and focus on his love of food. His new blog will be titled “Dining with ‘Dre” Andre says the following:

Thanks to everyone for taking a look at my new blog, where I’ll be reviewing restaurants around the Los Angeles area throughout the season. I can’t really call myself an expert or a true food critic, but I love to try new restaurants and so we though it would be cool to show off some of my favorites…or maybe some of those that I won’t be going back to anytime soon.

Keep checking back throughout the year and feel free to leave comments or even recommendations. I’ll do my best to answer them whenever I can.

It’s nice what Andre is doing and it’s cool to see the players participate in the community.