Holy Vaca !

I’m the featured blog on the main blog page! Check it out..click here. Scroll down a bit and you will see my pix and it says the following “Robert’s Dodger blog was one of the most visited MLBlogs this past week. Find out why!” Cool🙂 Only 1 mistake…my name is Roberto ! C’mon Yanks….! Then click here. You will notice that I’m # 5 among fans that have a MLBLog. I don’t remember but I think that’s the lowest I have ever been. I’m usually in the top 10 Thanks to all for reading. Since I’m the featured blog, I know I will get alot of new readers. If you’ve never seen this blog, welcome. Just read a couple of the entries and you will notice that I’m a big Dodger fan, write about meeting players and getting autographs, posting random YouTube videos and other nonsense stuff. Bookmark it ! Peace!


Dodgers will clinch it tonight !



Congratulations on being featured on the main page, Roberto! So #5 on the Leaders List is your lowest? I’m #4 and it’s my highest. (I only started blogging a month ago, so give me time to catch up. Lol.) Anyhow, now that my Yankees are out of it, I’m focusing on the Dodgers. I live in SoCal and love Torre and Mattingly, so I plan to go to Game 2 of the NLDS. Very excited!


Yeah I think it’s the lowest. I will have to research but I’m sure it’s the lowest. Sorry Jane, but it will be nice not seeing the Yanks this post-season. It’s going to be exciting with the Cubs, Rays, Angels, Red Sox and the other teams trying to clinch it. Something different !🙂


Much congrats to you, Roberto! Have I seen you at the Ravine before? I feel like I usually see you at the ballpark. Anyway, very nice blog, and I can’t wait to see the Dodgers clinch it tonight at home! I plan on being there today nice and early… and hopefully for a playoff game or two.


Hey JD, thanks. Well the last couple of years I have gone to lot’s of games. This year not that much. I think a couple of games.


Good luck in the post-season with your Brewers, Roberto, and congrats on being a “featured blogger”. I can’t believe how Manny–I mean Torre–has turned LA around. It’s too bad that the Cubs will be thrashing them in the postseason…



Hey Roberto, congrats on getting featured. Looks like the DBags are falling in STL, it’s getting electric in Dodgerland! It feels good this year, not like other years where we stumbled into October, we have legitimate threats now.


Hi Andrew, I believe it’s not Torre who turned this around. It’s Manny. We were a average team with alot of talent but something was missing. Then Manny and Andre Ethier got “en fuego” So what’s up with the Cubs ? The Billy goat curse continues ?🙂


Hey John, we are going all the way! All the way to 1st round exit ! lol Nah, I agree, we have some threats now. It will be very interesting🙂


Jane, I was # 4 about 2 weeks ago. I just noticed. So I have been lower !🙂


Thanks for clarifying, Roberto. Why so down on the Yankees? It’s not like the Red Sox are newcomers to postseason. We’re the underdogs now!


Hi Jane….well I just feel like that. I guess I’m tired of seeing them every single year since 1995 ! The Cubs and Rays have fun players and it’s always fun watching the Red Sox🙂


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