9-1-08 MLB & Dodgers Notes

3 game series – Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres

I guess there is a chance. Since the Dodgers were able to take 2 out 3 from Arizona. But isn’t it embarrasing that they are not playing well ? I’m disappointed in this team. I don’t see the difference of having Joe Torre or Grady Little managing this team. Torre should of fielded his best team first. Who cares how much money you make or how old you are. He gave other players a preference. Will 2009 be the year that Andre Ethier is your everyday outfielder ? Or once again, will he have to prove himself  ? Fighting time with Pierre and Jones ? I just get upset about this Outfield situation. Jones is coming back next year (it was a 2 year contract) and Pierre is here for 3 more years ! So once again, the talented Ethier or Kemp will be on the bench. That’s not even thinking if the Dodgers get Ramirez back. Then what do you do ? I don’t think anyone will trade for Pierre. Even if they pay some of his salary. It’s going to be a interesting off-season. Anyways, let’s see if we can get back into 1st place before it’s too late.

Video Time: Karros vs Nomo – Konichiwa ! 

Autographs: Rice & Perry

August 31, 2008

There was a “big” sports card show event here in Southern California. It wasn’t really big. Not alot of collectors came. The players that appeared were 5 former Dodgers, Jim Rice, and Gaylord Perry. I only bought autograph tickets for Rice and Perry. First up was Rice. I got a 11×14 picture of Rice. Got in line and ready to meet the great Jim Rice….Well he wasn’t that great of a person. Not very approachable. There was about 5 people in front of me. I wasn’t able to see what was going on but I noticed right away that Rice looked upset. It looked like the people were not ready with their items and then when it was my turn it looked like he was upset. I said “Hi Mr. Rice” and he didn’t say or look at me. I knew right away he was going to be a difficult person. While he was signing the picture, I was thinking “Should I ask for a picture ? He looks mad, maybe it’s not a good idea….ah what the hell, I will ask” Hahaha So I did ask for the pix and gave the camera to the person behind me. Rice didn’t respond to my question and I think that meant a “no” answer because he didn’t even look at the camera. I told him thanks and he just looked the other way. Wow, bitter dude. I mean I know you deserve to be in the Hall of Fame but do you really have to be upset with your life ? Maybe if I told him that I read his blog on a weekly basis, he would of been happy ? I gave the picture to my Wife so she can hold it for me while I get Perry’s Autograph. Later she told me that someone asked her “How was Rice as a person?” and she said “Oh no, I didn’t meet him, my Husband just met him and he said he was not that friendly” and he said “Oh yeah, I heard. He just looks bitter” Oh well…it was still cool getting that autograph and I do hope that he makes it to the H.O.F. one day. Thanks Jim.


Next up was Gaylord Perry. The Hall of Famer pitcher. I’m sure Mr. Perry is the biggest Hall of Famer you will see. Well….Tony Gwynn might be a close 2nd. I’m not sure what’s going on with Gwynn, but the dude keeps getting bigger. Anyways, Perry is one big guy. When they announced his name, he came out and you can tell he is getting old. Didn’t look good when walking. Right away, I noticed his San Francisco Giants hat. It’s good that I didn’t wear my Dodgers hat๐Ÿ™‚ I bought a Hall of Fame ball for him to sign it. While in line, I was talking a guy behind me and he asked me what I was going to get signed. I told him a ball. With the autograph comes with 1 free inscription. If you wanted a extra inscription, it would be 10 extra bucks. Well he told me “I’m getting a ball and I’m going to tell him to put “H.O.F. 91” and “No Vaseline” and I said “No way?” He said “yeah watch me” Well it was my turn and I greeted Perry and gave him the ball. He asked what inscription I wanted and I said “H.O.F. 91” He was very nice. At least he did some small talk compare to Rice. I gave the camera to the “Vaseline guy” and he shot this picture…The sun blows away one of my eyes. Oh well, still looks good๐Ÿ™‚


I told him thanks and while I was putting my ball away, I wanted to see if Perry was going to put “No vaseline” The guy gave him the ball and told him “put No Vaseline” and Perry said “no…I can put my win totals” So he did that :) Funny. Have no idea what I’m talking about ? Read this NY Times article about Gaylord Perry using Vaseline. It was cool meeting these 2 guys. Later!   

Autographs: Santana & Quinlan

August 30, 2008

I met 2 current Angels. Ervin Santana and Robb Quinlan. First up was Santana. He was signing at a furniture store down in Irvine at 11:30 am. I showed up right before 9 am. A employee there told everyone that Santana will be signing 2 items per person. Sounded good since I needed to get a picture signed for my brother. Well right before 11 am, another employee said that he will be signing only 1 item per person plus a picture with him if you desire. Bad news for me since I had that extra item. Upon arrival to Santana, I gave him a 2008 All-Star ball to sign it. He signed it right below the All-Star logo. Then I put the picture down in the table and right away the employees said “NO! just 1 item plus a picture” They were very strict about it. It’s weird because most of the time they don’t want you to be posing with the players. It’s just the autograph and that’s it. But on this occasion, everyone was taking a picture with Ervin. Maybe that’s the reason the line was moving slow. My Wife got him to sign a mini-helmet that already has several autographs of current Angels. Then after meeting Santana we headed over to Laguna Niguel. Robb Quinlan was signing autographs at a at&t store. Nobody was there. I think less than 5 fans. I got him to sign the same mini-helmet. Quinlan was very nice and talked with us. Pictures from the events below….


8-29-08 MLB & Dodgers Notes

3 game series – Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacks

I don’t know what to say….should I start thinking about 2009 ? Let’s see what happens this weekend. Lately, I have been blogging once a series. Should be able to get to a normal routine this Monday.

Video Time ! Troy from West Virginia @ Philadelphia over the weekend…

8-26-08 MLB & Dodgers Notes

3 game series – Los Angeles Dodgers vs Washington Nationals

Wow we suck….Phillies embarrased us. All I can say is we need to move on and get some wins.

Video Time ! James Loney impersonates Manny Ramirez….


2009 L.A. Dodgers Schedule -Updated-

I don’t have the complete 2009 L.A. Dodgers Schedule. But I have the following dates….

UPDATED: I just added the White Sox and Mariners dates

April 6 vs Padres @ San Diego  (Road Opening Day)

April 7 vs Padres @ San Diego

April 8 vs Padres @ San Diego

April 10 vs Diamondbacks @ Arizona

April 11 vs Diamondbacks @ Arizona

April 12 vs Diamondbacks @ Arizona

April 13 vs Giants @ Los Angeles (Home Opening Day)

April 14 vs Giants @ Los Angeles

April 15 vs Giants @ Los Angeles

April 16 vs Rockies @ Los Angeles

April 17 vs Rockies @ Los Angeles

April 18 vs Rockies @ Los Angeles

May 22 vs Angels @ Los Angeles

May 23 vs Angels @ Los Angeles

May 24 vs Angels @ Los Angeles

June 12 vs Rangers @ Texas

June 13 vs Rangers @ Texas

June 14 vs Rangers @ Texas

June 16 vs A’s @ Los Angeles

June 17 vs A’s @ Los Angeles

June 18 vs A’s @ Los Angeles

June 19 vs Angels @ Anaheim

June 20 vs Angels @ Anaheim

June 21 vs Angels @ Anaheim

June 23 vs White Sox @ Chicago (White Sox)

June 24 vs White Sox @ Chicago (White Sox)

June 25 vs White Sox @ Chicago (White Sox)

June 26 vs Mariners @ Los Angeles

June 27 vs Mariners @ Los Angeles

June 28 vs Mariners @ Los Angeles

July 16 vs Astros @ Los Angeles

July 17 vs Astros @ Los Angeles

July 18 vs Astros @ Los Angeles

July 19 vs Astros @ Los Angeles

October 2 vs Rockies @ Los Angeles

October 3 vs Rockies @ Los Angeles

October 4 vs Rockies @ Los Angeles (last game of the season)

This of course is a unconfirmed schedule. In interleague play, the Dodgers will play against all the A.L. West and the Chicago White Sox.

MLB & Dodgers Notes 8-22-08

4 game series – Los Angeles Dodgers @ Philadelphia Phillies

I’m sure some of the players will hit these 2 places…

Video Time ! Pat’s vs Geno’s. Which Philadelphia Cheese Steak is better ?

Autographs: Chuck Essegian


Who hit 2 pinch hit Home Runs in the 1959 World Series ?

Answer: Chuck Essegian

I met Chuck today at Dodger Stadium. I told him about the 2 homers and he said “You’re too young to know about it”๐Ÿ™‚


MLB & Dodgers Notes 8-21-08

Dodgers on the verge of getting swept ?

Manny Quote 

I love this place,” he says. “Just wish they had a different wall out there so I could go in there and go the bathroom.” [link]


Video Time ! Ozomatli – Can’t stop the Blue

MLB & Dodgers Notes 8-20-08

Keeping it short today…๐Ÿ™‚

Torre Blogs

Who’s next ? Joe Torre opens a blog. Not sure if he will update it often. But seems like a good idea.

Video Time ! El ultimo corrido del Toro