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April 14, 2008 Dodgers vs Pirates

I took my little brother in-law Erik to the game last Monday. We had a great time. I got there early. Nobody was signing autographs. It was weird. I didn’t see anyone sign. I saw them do batting practice and then the Pirates came out. Not alot of fans went to see this game. It was announced that 37,334 fans came out. I think there was only about 20,000 We sat by the Dodgers bullpen and checked out the pitchers relax. Hiroki Kuroda made his L.A. Debut and his entrance song was “My hero” by the Foo Fighters. Great song. Most likely that song was picked because of his name “Hiroki” and I heard his teammates have been calling him “Hero” instead of “Hiroki” Guess what pitcher kept himself busy the whole game by flirting with a woman ? That would be Esteban Loaiza. The dude kept talking (whispering) with this lady. I told Erik to ask Loaiza for a ball (since he gave one to the lady) He was shy at first but after bugging him for half an hour to ask him, he finally asked him in spanish “Esteban, me puedes dar una pelota?” (Which means “Can you give me a ball”?) He told him”Ahorita de la doy” (Which means “I will give you one”) That was in the 3rd Inning. After several innings, Esteban had yet to give him the ball. I thought he forgot and finally in the 7th inning, Erik got up and yelled “Esteban!” and Esteban looked at him and threw him a ball. We told him thanks and Erik was happy.  

Here is a video of the song “Hero” by the Foo Fighters.


Opening Day



Sunday March 30, 2008 Dodgers vs Red Sox



March 28 Game @ Dodger Stadium

Hi folks! Trying to catch up! The blog is acting good today. MLB is trying something different, so updates and changes will happen in the coming days…


March 28 game @ Dodger Stadium

I went to the game on Friday March 28 It was a good game. When we got there I noticed that fans can now watch Batting Practice before the game on the field. It’s pretty cool. If you get there early, they let you go through the center field fence (Like when it’s Photo Day) and watch them practice. That day of course was the Red Sox. So I got see some of the Red Sox players hit and field. Chad Billingsley played a great game. About 34,000 fans were in attendance.