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MLB & Dodgers Notes 8-14-08

Nomar !


Nomar delivers walk-off Home Run. 

Beimel talks

Joe Beimel talks to am 570 (8-12-08) Great interview.

Church of McCourt

Alyssa blogs about a way to sign Manny Ramirez for next season. I don’t think it works out. She writes the following….

How about this for an idea on how we can afford Manny next season? For every home game remaining, we should pass around a collection basket at the stadium. You know, like the collection baskets at church. We can call it the “Keep Manny In L.A. Fund.”

AlyssaDreadlocks.jpgLet’s say the Dodgers average 48,000 fans for the remaining 20 home games, and everyone puts $10 into the “Keep Manny In L.A. Fund.”  That’s $480,000 a game and $9.6 million total. Add that to the $50 million in other contracts that will come off the books, and you have 59.6 million. That means the McCourts only would have to come up with another $40.4 million to reach the $100 million contract Manny most likely is seeking. Piece of cake.

Well how about this for an idea Alyssa (Nice dreadlocks by the way) let Mr. McCourt pay the salary of Man-Ram. I agree that Manny changes the way Pitchers handle the other hitters. We need Manny. But at what cost ? We don’t know what his motives are. What if he asks for 5 years ? I wouldn’t give it to him. Remember, he is 36 years old. The maximum I would give is a 2 year contract. I see him playing for the New York Yankees in the next few years.

Video Time ! No More = One More ! Nomar does it ! What a win last night !

MLB & Dodgers Notes 8-12-08


I was at the game last night. Pretty cool. The offense is coming along while the pitching is going south. I’m not sure if we want Jonathan Broxton to be closing games down the stretch. It might cost us the division. He needs to step it up. We sure do miss Takashi Saito. Check out this jersey that a fan was wearing at the game ! Cool dude…


Party with the Bison

Matt Kemp invites you to his party this Thursday after the game.


Video Time !

Manny being Tardy… I guess Manny forgot there is 9 innings in a game (From yesterday’s game)

Dodgers Notes 8-11-08

Dodgers vs Phillies

Dodgers start a 4 game series tonight vs the Philadelphia Phillies.

Meet Big Brox

Want to meet Jonathan Broxton ? You have 2 chances.

Friday August 15 @ Staples 12pm/1pm 8704 South Sepulveda Blvd, Westchester
Saturday August 16 @
AT@T 12pm/1pm 83 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena

I’m not going, but good luck if you are🙂

Desayunar con los Doyers!

Win a Breakfast with the Dodgers, Big Boy (Big Boy is more like Skinny Boy!) and Liz of Power 106 (Here with Man-Ram last week) 


Video Time ! 

Let’s go Old Skool…Tommy Lasorda habla español 

Game 2 -Dodgers vs Cardinals-

August 6, 2008

Tough lost last night. Hopefully we can win the next 2 and take the series.

Hot Links

Manny Ramirez is a tonic for L.A. ESPN gives a Red Sock to nearly MannySock.jpgall the Laundromats in L.A. county. Hey Manny, time to update your website. T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times has article of Juan being Juan. Is Manny cutting the dreads ? Manny may learn from Kobe. Brad Penny says he’s ready to go.



Video Time ! Man-Ram speaks to Guillermo…

Bonus Videos !

Dodgers lost…..let’s watch a couple of videos to cheer up…

The Video of the Ballad of the legend of Joe Beimel continues…. 

and the Resurection of Chan Ho Park… 

and Manny Ramirez is already out in Los Angeles ? (Manny comes out about 31 seconds into the Video…at the 2008 L.A. Dub Show)

Dodgers vs Cardinals

Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals

The Dodgers begin a 3 game series Today vs the St. Louis Cardinals. It should be fun. We need to start a winning streak and get back on top of the standings. Chad Billingsley will start today. Who quickly is becoming the Ace of the pitching staff.

2009 All-Star Gameallstarlogo2009.jpg

Before the game the Cardinals had a press conference to show off the 2009 All-Star game logo. St. Louis will host the game. Any tips on how to get tickets for the game ? I heard All-Star game tickets are hard to buy. It’s mostly for season-ticket holders and sponsors. I guess Ebay is the only option.

Notes on Manny

Wow, Dodgers fans have purchased over $ 125,000 worth of # 99 T-shirts and jerseys since the slugger was acquired from the Red Sox. Sports Illustrated has a article on how the Manny trade went down. Chris Casavant of the Connecticut Post writes that Manny’s recent behavior with the Red Sox is unforgivable.

Blog Stats

The other day, I was # 10 in the MLBlogs Stats. Now I’m # 7 ! Thanks🙂

 Video Time!

Manny arrives at Dodger Stadium (Last Friday) 

Notes on the Dodgers -August 5, 2008-

The arrival of Manny Ramirez has given a spark to the offense of the Dodgers. You can even feel that the other players are much more relaxed (ok maybe not Andruw Jones) From the Ken Gurnick’s article…

“He’s kind of brought a new life to our team,” said All-Star catcher Russell Martin. “Everybody is kind of a little bit looser, having more fun, and we just know we’re going to put runs on the board with him in the lineup.” Chad Billingsley said “When we added him, just L.A. and all the
MannyRamirez1.jpgfans, and you just felt the excitement in the air,It gives us a spark. That’s what it’ll take to maybe get us deep into the playoffs, so obviously having him in the lineup changes how the opposing teams approach us. He just makes us better all around.”

I agree. I believe we can win the West Division. We need to fix our crowded outfield and play the best players at the moment. I would prefer a Ramirez, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp outfield. Speaking about the crowded outfield, you have to like Ethier’s attitude about him being on the bench. From Tony Jackson’s article.

“We have worked hard these first few months to get into a situation where we can go where we want to go,” Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier said. “You have to focus on that and put all the individual stuff aside.”

Awesome. Ethier knows it’s going to be hard to start but he will be ready to come off the bench anytime during a game. I respect that. He has been playing solid baseball the whole year and deserved to be playing but with Ramirez coming and Kemp
AndreEthier1.jpgbeing on fire, he has to be patient. I only wish Joe Torre would understand that Juan Pierre is not the answer to start everyday. From Torre…

“To me, Juan certainly deserves to play,” Torre said. “Juan, for me, will play the bulk of the time. That is taking nothing away from Ethier, but Matty right now is impressive for me in how he goes about his business. Somebody is going to have to sit, but it won’t happen all the time. We have to play the (backup) guys now and again just to make sure they get action.”

Ok I agree that Kemp is impressive. Why not play him along Ramirez and Ethier ! You start Kemp leadoff and Pierre in the bench. I believe Torre wants a true “leadoff hitter” so he wants Pierre there. I only hope that Rafael Furcal comes back soon and he can be the leadoff hitter and Pierre on the bench. Furcal was with the Dodgers over the weekend and told the reporters:

“I feel a lot better than before,” said Furcal, injured since May 6 after the best April of his career. “It doesn’t bother me anymore.”

While Ethier seems to be going along with the game planJuanPierre.jpg, Pierre feels the Dodgers are “sticking to him this year” He told Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times:

“All I’ve ever done was be Juan Pierre,” he said. “I don’t know why, for some reason, they’re just sticking it to me this year. I applaud the move. Any time you get a chance to get Manny Ramirez, you get him. But from a personal standpoint, it’s putting me in a tough position.”

I disagree Juan. The Dodgers are not “sticking it” to you. You are basically not getting on base enough. That’s the point. Anyways, with all the Manny-Mania, let me write about his Jersey number. From Fox Sports…

By now, it is well-known that he’ll wear the number 99. It’s a nice number, distinctive and goofy, and previously worn by such luminaries as Mitch Williams, Turk Wendell and Wayne

WayneGretzky99.jpgGretzky. (“I don’t know anything about hockey, sir,” he said. “They don’t have hockey in the Dominican.”) But 99 was not Ramirez’ his first choice.

“I wanted 34, but I guess it’s not available,” he said.

In fact, he wanted 24, the number he wore with the Red Sox, but that number has long since been retired in honor of Walter Alston. Thirty-four, it should be added, was worn by the Los Angeles icon Fernando Valenzuela.

“It’s not retired,” said Dodgers equipment manager Mitch Poole. “But it’s in our heart.”

That statement is a little odd. # 34 is not retired but no one can use it ? I know the Dodgers have a rule that in order to have your # retired you have to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, except for special circumstances like Jim Gilliam. He isn’t a Hall of Famer but his # 19 was retired. Well shouldn’t # 34 be retired ? I know Fernando Valenzuela is not a Hall of Famer but with everything that he did for the Dodgers and the Hispanic community I think he deserves to have his number retired. Back to Ramirez, I believe all this hype about his number will give a boost for Dodger sales this year. Last Friday, I saw many fans already wearing t-shirts with the number # 99


Click it Manny habla español

“Oye tu sabes que soy loco por la comida mexicana” 

“Tu sabes, en Boston y Los Angeles siempre tuve el apoyo con los latinos y me siento en casa”

“Dime papi… papi porque tu sabes lo que hice, porque yo compre el navigator que yo me lo pongo y tu sabes..y me muevo…”

“Tu sabes lo que estaba pensando, la novela mia, la voy a vender y pedirle que no hagan annuncios”

Funny guy :)  



August 1, 2008 L.A. vs Arizona

With all the Manny Ramirez excitement in the air, I had to be at the stadium to see his first game as a Dodger. My Wife went online and purchased 2 tickets for the game. I’m glad we did that because hours later it was announced that the game was sold out. We arrived at 5:40 pm and walked straight to the Autograph alley because I knew that Lee Lacy was going to be signing autographs. I needed his autograph for my mini-helmet dedicated to former Dodgers from the 1970’s. Lee arrived a little late. A employee said he was stuck in traffic. Then at 6pm he arrived and started signing autographs. About 10 fans were in front of me. So it was all good. My turn came and I gave him the helmet and a silver sharpie. I said “Hey Leondous” That’s his real name. He seemed surprised and I said “Hey you were part of the “We are family” huh ?” He said “Yeah those were good times” The reference “We are family” is a song by Sister Sledge and it was theme to the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates team for their ways of playing together as a team and ultimately winning the World Series. This is a picture of Lee Lacy and I.


Then left up to the Reserved Level to sit in our seats and relax. The fans seemed to be excited that Manny Ramirez was here. It was a great game. Clayton Kershaw vs Randy Johnson. The next star vs the future Hall of Famer. Here are some picture of the game….




Manny # 99

Batting for the Dodgers, # 99 Manny Ramirez ! Cool number. I was at the game and the fans were excited. We lost but it was fun. I leave you with a picture from tonight’s game. I have to get some sleep. I will try to update the blog this weekend. I have a Lee Lacy story to post. I met him today. Nice dude. Later! Peace !


Manny being Manny


Manny Ramirez….what can I say ? I have mixed feelings. I’mmannyshirt.jpg happy we made a trade that might help us win this ugly division. But I’m sad that this might be a 2 month rental and Ramirez signs with another team in the off-season. I’m happy we didn’t trade Andre Ethier, James Loney, or Matt Kemp. But I’m sad that Andy
LaRoche (Good luck!) is gone. I’m happy that we don’t have to pay for Manny’s salary. But I’m sad that AndyLaRoche.jpgthis might of been a move to just sell
 more tickets. I’m happy that Manny will be our Power Hitter. But sad that Kemp or Ethier might not play on a daily basis. Get it ? I have mixed feelings. I only hope that Joe Torre plays Ramirez, Kemp and Ethier together everyday ! I’m sorry Juan Pierre but we don’t have room for you. I’m sorry Andruw Jones, but you….how can I say it….mmmm you suck….Sorry. I know you are a great player. You are a All-Star player. I know that, but we don’t have enough time to keep playing you. 2 months left. We need to start playing the best players everyday. You keep Pierre and Jones on the bench. Okidoki ? By the way Manny, you can’t wear # 24 ! You have to pick a new number ! 


LaRoche leads group sent to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Tommy Lasorda blogs about the trade and so does Alyssa Milano. L.A. Times has quotes from Joe Torre and Nomar Garciaparra.

Video Time ! (2 videos) 

Manny leaves Fenway Park for the last time. 

Ok another video…Manny supporting “Hip Hop Dominicano” Ok…