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Troy from West Virginia Arrested

As you know, I’m a fan of Troy from West Virginia. Troy is weird, I know that. But he makes me laugh. The dude is crazy, but in a good way. Well I guess he went too crazy at the Dodgers game in Cincinnati. Apparently after Joe Beimel pitched the 7th Inning of Tuesday’s game, Troy got into a fight and didn’t stop. More info from the Press-Enterprise…

Taped to Joe Beimel’s locker after the game was a copy of the police report detailing the actions of the reliever’s biggest fan, who got himself into trouble at Great American Ball Park.

Troy Sexton, a West Virginia man who has gained cult prominence for his numerous Beimel tribute videos on YouTube, was arrested before the start of the eighth inning and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest — actions that resulted in the game being delayed.

Sexton engaged in a physical altercation and refused to stop fighting when asked, according to the report. His arrest came after Beimel recorded two groundouts to help the Dodgers escaped a seventh-inning jam.

Beimel has met Sexton and even appeared in a YouTube video responding to the man, but asked if he might have the money to post bond, the left-hander smiled and said, “I have it. He’s not getting it.”


What’s more funnier ? That Troy got arrested or that Beimel refused to bail him out of jail ? lol Well I can’t wait from a response from Troy on YouTube and hear his side of th story. His last video was this one….Click on the Video if you want to read the comments. Some of them are funny…I’m out! Peace…


Beimel mentions Troy in this video…

Thanks to Nick for the tip…the following video is from yesterdays game. Joe Beimel got to say the starting lineup for Fox. It’s funny. He mentiones Troy from West Virginia. He doesn’t know if Brad Penny wants to be a Hollywood Star or a Redneck…check it out!

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